The Matrix: Revolutions, 2003
Director: The Wachowski Brothers
Production Designer: George Hull
Tippett Studio
VFX Supervisor: Craig Hayes, Scott Souter
CG Supervisor: Johnny Gibson

I led the art side of the small team that developed the "Real World" environment for The Matrix: Revolutions.

Taking it from early sketches and look dev explorations through to the final renders, we worked with Shader writer Steven Demers - the fellow who wrote the original skin shader for Gollum at WETA - and with CG Supervisor Johnny Gibson, we developed an early 3d CG environment combining the fx, lighting and texture departments, with the terrain based on a projected layered displacement. Fully lit and rendered using renderman it was a real multi department effort.

Initial Designs & Keyart for the Terrain

Early terrain displacement tests

Lighting Studies

Above the Clouds