Environment Design Supervision

Project: Elysium, 2012
Studio: Image Engine
2013 VES finalist Environment Art Direction and Design

I headed up the environment design team at Image Engine for the Elysium Project. The core team members on the design effort were myself, Mitchell Stuart, Ravi Bansal and Ron Turner.

I contributed design direction, keyart, keyframe paintovers and blocking layout models.

The Ring

The image to the left is the Syd Mead Study for Elysium, and to the right is one of his early studies for NASA from the 1970's. It was these two images that formed the base for the ring designs.

Our Work

The Interior Surface

Keyart with Mitchell Stuart
Keyart by Ron Turner

The Structure

The Center

Ring face designs by Ravi Bansal

The Spokes

Ring Spoke designs by Mitchell Stuart

The Hangar

Keyart by Ron Turner. The final design for the Elysium Main Hangar, used for main deportation scene from the opening of the film. The ship designs are by George Hull.
Studies for the walls and panelling by Ron Turner.

The Lower level

Keyart with Ron Turner
Initial blocking model I made for design and scale

Los Angeles

Keyart with Mitchell Stuart.