The League of Gods

Tippett Studio, 2016
Supervisor: Matt Jacobs
With: Ben VonZastrow, Rob Meyers and Ray Sena

The underwater palace of the Mer-King and the city of the Mer-folk...


Starting with a keyart piece from the client, this shot was built from the ground up as a fully 3d environment in about 3 weeks. All design work was mine excepting the palace which was done with Nate Fedenburg and built by Rob Meyers. About 40 "Mer Buildings" of various sizes and designs were created along with the central palace, various roads, bridges and towers, and these were then populated into a terrain.

The original layout of the city was based on fractals and the original plan was to show much more of the organic fractal nature of the city layout but this has been obscured by the dark atmosphere and final look that the city was pushed into. The final look desired by the client is always what we're aiming for of course, but speaking as an artist on this one it was a bit disappointing to loose sos much of the effort and love into the darkness on this one.

With some initial help from Ray Sena and Rob Meyers I handled all aspects of this shot from asset design and build to the layout, lighting and rendering.

The final frame