3d Environment Project Lead

Studio: Tippett
Project: Dream of Anhui 180 degree Ride film, 2016
2016 VES finalist Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project

My role on this project was as the Environments Supervisor and Environments Art Director. I was involved in early tests & concepts through to pipeline design & shot planning. Once into production my duties included asset selection and builds, 3d layouts, guidance and reviews of team member efforts, as well as leading teams in the production of two of the locations.

Sequence Environment Leads were Ben Von Zastrow, Brad Fox, Howard Campbell, Steven Bevins and myself. Environment Artists were Erik Shepherd, Ray Sena, Anthony Shafer, Rob Meyers.


Process Development images



A breakdown of how the project was brought together.

FINAL RENDER Frames - FULL FRAME, 180 degree FOV